Migration to Altéa: check!

AC welcomes Amadeus

Migration to Altéa: check!

Dear partner

Our migration is complete and we are now operating our Reservations, Inventory and Ticketing live in Amadeus Altéa. Booking functions are now available online at aircanada.com, through GDS links and via our Contact Centre as normal. 

The following activities will now take place for individual customers and ticketed Groups: 

  • A new record locator message for each of your PNRs will be generated to your GDS from Altéa.   
  • If your GDS is Amadeus or if the PNR already contained a flight segment on  another Amadeus-hosted carrier, the existing Altéa locator will be used.  
  • If your GDS is not Amadeus and the PNR contained only Air Canada flight segments, then a new Altéa locator will be generated.  
  • Depending on your GDS, PNRs with the updated locator may appear in your  confirmation queue, however, no action will be required and it will not  be necessary for you to inform travellers of the new Altéa locator.  

Your customers may check-in using either the GDS locator or the new Altéa locator. 

Thank you once again for your support and patience,

The Air Canada BENELUX team



The entire Air Canada BENELUX team will be available to answer any supplementary question you might have today.

Air Canada – BENELUX Sales Team

Regional Manager Sales BENELUX, Scandinavia, Finland & the Baltic States – Steven DE BISSCHOP

Sales Account Manager Corporate BENELUX – Gina VERKOUTER : C +32 473 534 634

Sales Account Manager Leisure – Netherlands : Wim-Jaap Berkhout : C +31612780790

Sales Support Agent – Sylvia FEDERICO & Jente DE ROUST

Contact Details

Sales desk: +32 2 721 01 88

Sales support: [email protected]

Groups desk: [email protected] 

19-11-19 - par Air Canada