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Communication in Crisis

Now that we seem to start to see some light the end of the corona-tunnel, communication is once again the most important part of the marketing & sales mix. The way you, your company and your brand communicate during the following weeks, will determine for a very big part how you will perform during and after this summer. Travel360° has written a White Paper, entitled “Crisis and Post Crisis Communication… with Long Term Impact”.

5 Crucial Insights around Communication in These Crisis Times

In this White Paper, we share with you 5 crucial insights about “communication in tough times”. 5 insights, around defending your share of voice, around demonstrating humanity & warmth, around pulling instead of pushing, around the importance of context, and around not adding to the existing noise.

It’s going to be tough. Really tough.

Let’s face it: the real battle is only beginning. We are facing a difficult, limited start of summer, trying to convince a confused and often even scared consumer that traveling is a good, solid option.

At the same time, we will have to face a hard recession. The first huge lay-off waves are hitting the job market, and this is only the beginning.

And do not forget the climate & sustainable travel discussion: it will impact our behaviour, and we have to take this challenge head on.

Sharing is Caring

That is why the Travel360° team has developed this white paper: we feel good about sharing these critical insights with you – our readers, our business partners, our colleagues. Feel free to download the White Paper here, it’s 100% free of charge.

08-06-20 - par Jan Peeters