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Hurricane Irma

MSC Divina

MSC Divina – media statement (updated 6 September, 4pm)

Hurricane  Irma has now been elevated to Category 5 and is strongly affecting ship  operations across the entire Caribbean region. The state of emergency  has been called across all of Florida and a number of islands in the  area.

Due to these extraordinary circumstances, as the safety of  our guests and crew is our number one priority, MSC Divina will now head  directly to Miami where she will arrive in the morning of Thursday 7  September, ahead of the Port’s likely closure on Friday, to allow guests  who wish to disembark to go home. As soon as the disembarkation is  completed, the ship will sail to Cozumel (Mexico), beyond Irma’s reach,  allowing those guests that wish to remain on board to continue their  cruise. She will then stay alongside there until it is safe for her to  return to Miami.

Guests who disembark on Thursday will receive a  refund for the two days shortening of their cruise holiday and, in  addition, will also get a voucher for a 25% discount on the price of a  future MSC Cruises holiday. Guests who will continue the cruise after  Thursday’s call to Miami will also receive the same voucher.

Due  to the timing of Irma’s likely arrival to the South Florida coast, it  will be impossible to complete the turnaround operation scheduled for  Saturday, 9 September. For this reason, we have taken the difficult  decision of cancelling MSC Divina’s next cruise originally scheduled to  sail on that day. Guests scheduled to depart on this cruise will have  the option to either be relocated on another MSC Cruises holiday or  receive a full refund as well as a 25% discount voucher on the price of a  future cruise.

06-09-17 - par MSC Cruises