ICE Brussels-Cologne-Frankfurt

7 times a day

ICE Brussels-Cologne-Frankfurt

As from 7 April 2019, the ICE operates on the route Brussels - Aachen - Cologne - Frankfurt 7 times a day, instead of 6 times, in both directions.

This results in a continuous 2-hour cycle between the two metropolitan cities Frankfurt and Brussels.

The added ICE departs at 12:25 from Brussels-Midi and arrives at Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof at 15:35. In the opposite direction, the ICE train leaves the city on the Main at 12:29 and arrives at 15:35 in Brussels-Midi.

The two extra trains will follow via the well-known regular route from Brussels-Midi via Liège-Guillemins, Aachen Hauptbahnhof and Cologne Hauptbahnhof to Frankfurt (airport) and Frankfurt (Main) Hauptbahnhof. The travel time to Frankfurt is about 3 hours and you can reach Cologne in less than two hours.

On board the passengers are welcomed by the four-lingual staff (French, Dutch, English & German) and free WiFi is available in first and second class during the entire journey. 

21-03-19 - par SNCB International for MICE