Les mesures prises à Tenerife

A quoi vous attendre?

Les touristes restent les bienvenus à Tenerife. C'est-ce que vous avez pu lire dans notre communication précédente. Bien évidement il y a des mesures supplémentaires qui ont été mises en place. Est-ce que ceci aura un impact sur l'expérience de vacances de vos clients? Voici un aperçu de tous les détails. 

Exceptionnellement, ceci se fera en anglais afin de gagner du temps. 



From 24:00 on Friday 18th December, and for the subsequent 14 days, the Canarian Government has established the following restrictions regarding movement and activities on the island of Tenerife:


  • Limitation of the maximum number of people not cohabiting, in public and private spaces, indoors and outdoors

The getting together of people both in public and private spaces, closed or outdoors, will be limited to people living together, understood to be those who reside under the same roof.

In the gatherings to celebrate Christmas and New Year’s Eve meals on the 24th, 25th and 31st of December and January 1st, the maximum number of 6 people should not be exceeded, except in the case of cohabitants, nor the maximum number of two household groups (children aged 6 and under are excluded from this number). In either case, the maximum number of attendees will be 6 people, ensuring wherever possible that the two household units are always the same. Special care and caution will be taken around those people most at risk from COVID-19.


  • Limitation of nighttime movement, between 22:00 and 06:00

People’s freedom of movement will be restricted at night from 22:00 to 6:00 every day, except for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve, when the start of the curfew will be pushed back until 00.30 to allow people to return to their homes.

This limitation does not apply when it comes to carrying out the current list of essential activities, which are those contained in article 5 of Royal Decree 926/2020, of October 25th, which declared the state of alarm in order to contain the spread of infections caused by SARS-CoV-2.

These activities are: to obtain medicines, sanitary products and other essential goods; assistance to health centres, services and establishments; attending veterinary care centres for emergency reasons; carrying out professional, business, institutional or legal obligations; returning to the place of habitual residence after carrying out any of these activities; assistance and care for the elderly, minors, dependents, people with disabilities or especially vulnerable people; a force majeure or sudden emergency; any other activity of a similar nature, suitably justified, or refilling at petrol stations or service stations, when it is necessary in order to be able to carry out the activities set forth in the preceding paragraphs.


  • Important religious celebrations

Emblematic religious celebrations, such as Midnight Mass, can be celebrated at times outside of the nighttime curfew limitations (from 6:00 to 22:00), although alternatives such as streaming or television services are recommended, as is the use of pre-recorded music instead of singing, choirs being prohibited.

Likewise, physical displays of devotion or tradition (kisses, touching statues and images, etc.) should be avoided and replaced with others that do not imply any health risk.


  • Specific measures hotels, restaurants and terraces, bars and cafés

The agreement adopted today states that the indoor areas of these establishments will remain closed, except for those situated within health centres, within places of work for employees’ use and within tourist accommodation establishments for the exclusive use of guests. Consumption at the bar and all buffet or self- service facilities are forbidden. The maximum capacity for these indoor areas will be 33%.

Entering premises for the collection of take-away food and drink is allowed, as is home delivery, subject to the established time limits.

For terraces or other outdoor spaces belonging to an establishment, consumption at the bar, buffet or self- service and smoking remain forbidden, along with activities that encourage breaking social distancing rules or not wearing masks, such as dancing, karaoke, party bags, etc.

Outdoor terraces may not exceed 50% of their authorised capacity, with a distance of at least 2 metres between adjacent table chairs and with a maximum per table of 4 people from the same household.

With regards to shopping centers and retail parks, the capacity of communal areas will be limited to 33% of the maximum authorised, with the use of recreational areas such as children's areas and playrooms forbidden, and rest areas closed.

In the case of shopping centres spread over several floors, the limitation of 33% stated above must be met in each and every one of them.

Furthermore, in shopping centres and retail parks, clients will not be allowed to remain in communal areas for any reason other than moving from one shop to another or waiting to be able to enter.

All necessary measures must be established to allow the interpersonal safety distance to be maintained and the capacity kept under control both within the shops and in the communal areas of shopping centres. If necessary, car park spaces may be limited. Spaces for parking vehicles are limited to 50%.

A preferential service will be provided to people aged 75 and over, such as priority access, reserved parking spaces, cash desks and seats to take a rest, which will ensure this preference in customer care.

To avoid large crowds gathering in streets and shopping centres, the Government recommends members of the public to organise their purchases in advance and demands that they comply with both the interpersonal safety distance and the use of a mask at all times and in all settings, both within shops and communal areas in shopping centres and on the high streets.


  • Greater use of public streets

Local councils will ensure compliance with the measures aimed at avoiding crowds and alcohol consumption on public streets, in addition to the rest of the measures passed for the necessary prevention and containment in the face of the public health crisis caused by COVID-19.


  • Public transport

It is also recommended that alternative travel methods be used for getting around, such as cycling or walking. Urban and metropolitan public transport is limited to 50% of its capacity.

Surveillance of ground and urban transport services will be reinforced at peak times, in order to avoid crowds and the use of public transport for non-essential or postponable trips.

It is recommended that the frequency of public transport be increased in order to avoid crowds, guaranteeing adequate ventilation and compliance with preventative measures, which include not eating or drinking during journeys and the correct use of masks.

  • Large events

No parties, festivals, fairs, or other similar events may be held. All types of large-scale events are forbidden, such as those subject to prior authorisation in accordance with the provisions of section 2.1.11 of the Government Ruling of June 19th, 2020 and its subsequent updates.

It is recommended to close parks and outdoor recreation areas at night, in order to avoid crowds and alcohol consumption.


  • Work environment

Wherever and whenever possible, remote working will be encouraged and prioritised in all activities that do not require physical presence.


  • Hospitals and public healthcare centres for senior citizens

Given the confirmation of outbreaks associated with healthcare in hospitals and public health centres where elderly people reside (nursing homes) and the vulnerability of this part of the population, it has been decided that, for the period of these measures, outings for residents are cancelled, and external visits will not be allowed, except when dealing with the cases of accompanying people in their final days. In hospitals, patient visits are allowed for any children and pregnant women.

Any patients who have recovered from a confirmed covid infection will be exempt from this limitation.


  • Gaming and betting establishments and premises

Gambling casinos, bingo halls, arcades and games rooms, external betting venues and other premises and facilities similar to those for recreational gaming and betting activities will remain closed

Gaming and betting establishments

All gambling casinos, bingo halls, arcades and games rooms, external betting venues and other premises and facilities similar to those used for recreational gaming and betting activities will remain closed.


  • Practice of non-professional sports activity and physical exercise

It is forbidden to carry out any physical or sports activity in any indoor area or sports centres. However, sports activities and physical exercise can be carried out outdoors, on an individual basis, provided that the interpersonal safety distance of 2 metres can be maintained at all times.

Team sports or those activities or exercises in which social distancing cannot be guaranteed at all times may not be carried out.

In the case of individual exercise outdoors, the use of face masks will not be required during the training session, provided that the two-metre distance can be guaranteed.

17-12-20 - par Tenerife Tourist Office