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Air Canada Reprotects

Customers who are unable to travel due to new government-imposed entry requirements for passengers who have been to the People's Republic of China may be able to rebook their travel or be eligible for a refund on unused tickets/coupons, per the table below and consulting this website.

If your customers are scheduled to travel during the affected period to a country with government-imposed entry requirements, they can change their flight, free of charge, to another date indicated in the “Re-booking window,” subject to availability in the cabin and origin and destination originally purchased. Otherwise, any fare difference will apply.
Customers may choose to travel to/from an alternate Air Canada destination within ticket validity. Change fees will be waived but ADCL toward future travel will apply. Once the ticket has been re-issued, if there is residual value, it may be applied on Air Canada.

We encourage customers to consult the website of the country they are travelling to for their complete entry requirements.

The entire Air Canada team will be available to answer any supplementary question you might have or go to our online DRS to find any Air Canada related information on Goodwill Policies, Procedures and other topics.

Summary of Goodwill Policies for country entry requirements can be found here.


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