Flexible Rebooking Policies

Air Canada has updated the flexible re-booking policy (waiving change fees) for new and existing bookings made by customers worldwide, whether flights have been cancelled or remained unchanged. In case one or multiple flights have been cancelled, please refer to our Involuntary Changes Policy. In case flights are still confirmed and your client wishes to postpone their trip voluntarily, please refer to the Voluntary Changes Policy

Please follow the next steps to handle the PNR for both Involuntary and Voluntary Changes:

  • Add a Retention Line (RU Element/MIS Segment) to keep the PNR active

  • Add the applicable waiver code with which we waive change fees (ADCOL to be collected) in OSI and RM:



  • Take out the flights in the itinerary.
  • Once you have new travel dates, you can make the exchange without change fees


Date of cancellation first segment

+ 24 months

(e.g. flight cancelled on 27MAR20: travel to be completed by 27MAR22) 


Date of voluntary cancellation of HK Segments 

+ 24 months

  • You will need to exchange the ticket(s) before the expiry of the Retention Line OR extend the Retention Line by another year before its expiry date.
  • Process the exchange with the correct waiver code in the endorsement.
  • To give more flexibility for GDS bookings, we now offer the opportunity to make a one-time Name Transfer.

In case of a Schedule Change of more than 60 minutes or a flight cancellation and no suitable alternative can be found, or the passengers doesn’t wish to postpone, a refund is authorized if certain conditions are met. Please refer to our Involuntary Changes Policy and make sure to contact our Sales Support Team for authorization and further information.

The entire Air Canada BENELUX team will be available to answer any supplementary question you might have or go to our online DRS to find any Air Canada related information on Goodwill Policies, Procedures and other topics. Contact Details

Sales desk: +32 2 721 01 88 (unavailable until further notice, due to the current measures taken)

Sales support: [email protected]
Groups desk: [email protected]

*Our colleagues at the contact centers also remain available 24/7 on the numbers below.

Contact centres:

BE: 0800 70 422

LU: 800 70 422

NL: 00800 66 99 2222

INT: 1-888-247-2262 or 1-514-393-3333

9/07/2020 - door Air Canada