Our upcoming migration to Amadeus Altea

Altea PSS

Our upcoming migration to Amadeus Altea

Dear Travel Agency Partner,

After 25 years, our current Reservation System, RESIII, will take its final bow later this year.   Taking its place is Altéa, an industry-leading PSS by Amadeus which runs an airline’s reservations and airport systems.  This important undertaking will benefit you, our travel agent partners, as well as our joint customers, and will make it easier for the Air Canada customer service team to provide industry leading service. 

Our PSS transition will take place in three phases.  The first phase is the transition to the reservation module of Altéa. The target date for the Phase 1 cutover from RESIII to the reservations module of Altéa is overnight on November 4, 2019.Phase two will follow shortly thereafter and will involve a move to Altéa Customer Management (CM), the Amadeus airport control system.   The third phase includes “fine tuning” our GDS functionality and refining our direct booking channel products.

What does this mean for you?

Transitioning to Altéa will enable us to offer an improved and consistent customer experience across all channels, including:

  • A seamless customer journey: Agents at our Contact Centres and Airports, 130+ Altéa-hosted airlines (including 19 of 27 Star Alliance carriers), as well as Amadeus-equipped travel agencies, will have a single view of the customer journey in      real-time.
  • Automated re-accommodation tools: a single transaction during IROPs will allow Air Canada to re-book passengers, reissue their tickets and transfer their bag details.
  • Automated schedule change processing: real-time synchronization of Air Canada schedule updates to all GDS, minimizing the chance of e-ticketing failures.
  • Substantially improved response times, greater stability and access to new unique Altéa features for agents using our direct channels
  • Access to Altea hosted carrier seat maps
  • New ReShop / Exchange tools, allowing Air Canada agents and Amadeus equipped  travel agencies to make changes simply and efficiently

This is a massive project for Air Canada, both in size and in complexity. Our CEO Calin Rovinescu describes this transformation as equivalent to a “heart and lung transplant” for our airline. As we approach the transition in November, your Air Canada Team are going to be “all hands on deck” to ensure a smooth transition for you and our joint customers. 

22/08/2019 - door Air Canada