Univ'AirPlus Brussels

Change is constant, change is inevitable, but how do we obtain leadership regarding the changes that affect our company, industry and/or job rol?

To try and answer this important question, we host the first edition of Univ'AirPlus in Brussels on May 7th. Main topic of the day will be 'Leading Change'. This key industry event's main purpose is to educate and update corporate top decision makers from finance and procurement about changes that affect the industry, such as new technologies, new suppliers, shifting economic frameworks & dynamics and the development of new products.


12h30 Opening of the venue

12h45 Welcome, registration and networking

13h00 Start Univ'AirPlus PART I

15h10 Break

15h40 Start Univ'Airplus PART II

17h10 Cocktails and Networking


SIGN UP NOW: www.univairplus.eu


26/03/2015 - door AirPlus International