Betaalbaar mediterraan paradijs ?

volgens de New York Times...

Betaalbaar mediterraan paradijs ?

De New York Times komt aan het begin van ieder jaar met een eigenzinnige lijst met bekende en onbekende bestemmingen die je om allerlei redenen zou moeten bezoeken. In deze lijst staat een betaalbaar mediterraan paradijs op nummer 3....  

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En hierbij nog de volledige tekst in het engels en wat zij zeggen over Malta :  

Malta is an affordable Mediterranean playground with a superb climate, sublime beaches, megalithic temples and a distinctive crossroads culture. English is one of two official languages, but few Americans have discovered Malta’s charms. There are three inhabited islands to explore — Malta, home to buzzing Valletta, a Unesco World Heritage city of stunning limestone buildings; Gozo, more tranquil and with a dramatic coastline filled with great spots for diving; and idyllic, car-free Comino, which has one hotel and few residents. As Valletta celebrates its 450th anniversary this year, the old city has gotten some fresh touches, including a new city gate, a restored open-air opera house and a new parliament building, all designed by the renowned architect Renzo Piano. And in Malta, you can follow in the footsteps of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, who spent their honeymoon shooting their latest film, “By the Sea,” in Gozo, which served as a more economical, but equally romantic, stand-in for the South of France. (You may also recognize the island from “The Whale” or “The Da Vinci Code.”)

13/01/2016 - door Malta Tourism Authority