Driving At Full Throttle

Travel360° Initiatives

On 17 March, under the title "Travel360° is for you", we published an article with a series of decisions and initiatives, in order to serve our customers and readers as good as possible in these corona times. Nobody then expected that today, 23 weeks later, we would still be in this situation. But we have kept our word. Today we are once again shifting up a gear. We are launching a series of concrete initiatives with only one goal: to contribute to the revival of the travel industry, which will come anyway.



In the 23 weeks following this communication, Travel360° continued to communicate non-stop, in all areas. A selection of our initiatives and publications:

-More than 100 newsletters - and you continued to read them eagerly: the opening rates were maintained, hundreds of professionals signed up again on their private email addresses

-More than 800 partner articles - our customers and partners understood that Travel360° enables them to remain visible in an efficient and budget-friendly way.

-More than 100 Travel360° column articles - with strong points of view, striking opinions and lots of vision.

-24 Online Training Courses are available. Hundreds of travel industry professionals have used the recent period to brush up on their knowledge.

-More than 20 live interviews were recorded and published.

-11 Sales Manuals are available. These have also been downloaded by hundreds of travel industry professionals as valuable information.



Today Travel360° launches its autumn offensive. Concrete initiatives, concrete dates. 100% online, 100% adapted to the current situation, 100% Travel360° quality and originality. We have decided to indeed shift up a few gears at once. We are happy to share the most important initiatives with you.

-Travel360° The Magazine: Monthly in your Inbox

Travel360° - The Magazine is published monthly. On 30/09, 26/10, 26/11, 20/12 and throughout 2021 you will find our new online magazine in your mailbox. The first issue is in the making: a reinvented, fully online living magazine, for every travel industry professional from every sector. Interviews, analyses, sector news: you will find it all in your inbox from 6 October.

-Online Workshop B2B Communication: Tips & Tricks – 06/10

On 6 October Travel360° organises an online workshop on B2B communication. Times have changed, and so has the way of successfully communicating with your business partners. New accents, new topics, clear techniques: we draw from the Travel360° experience, and quote from authoritative sources. This workshop is free for Travel360° customers, and paying for non-customers. Registrations will be opened soon.

-PUNCH! edition 2020: 29/10

PUNCH! is one of the Travel360° initiatives that in recent years has brought a regular audience of dynamic partners and interested travel agents into a dazzling spectacle, super exciting in terms of content. On 29 October, we will bring the 2020 edition, in an online format. This will increase the reach, and provide numerous innovative opportunities to get the message across. Including the annual "State of the Travel Union" of Travel360° Founding Father Jan Peeters. Subscriptions will be opened soon.

-The Cruise Package: 12/11 - 26/11

The annual Cruise Event is extended to a Cruise Package, which draws attention to the cruise industry and the participating cruise partners for a period of 3 weeks. They will bring their message during the Online Cruise Event on 12/11, via personal dedicated mailing campaigns and via a cruise special in Travel360° - The Magazine of 26 november. Subscriptions will be opened soon.

-Live Sales Training: 17/11 and 19/11

The team at Travel360° has developed a brand new live training: sales techniques and sales psychology to be applied during the Golden Moment, when as a travel consultant you have direct contact with the customer - offline and online. On 17/11 we are in East Flanders, on 19/11 in Antwerp. Trainer is Travel360° Founding Father Jan Peeters. We work in groups of 10, with of course respect for all social distancing and other rules. Registrations will be opened soon.

-Travel360° Communication Platform - Anytime, Anywhere

You know the core of Travel360°'s business model: customers and partners take out a communications subscription, which allows them to place their marketing messages directly on the Travel360° site - and those messages are invariably included in the next newsletter. The Travel360° communication platform is today, without a doubt, the most efficient and budget-friendly marketing tool in the Benelux. And: where necessary, we lend a helping hand in the field of communication planning, copy writing and execution!

Of course the existing marketing tools such as dedicated mailings, refocusing mailings, refocusing mailings, targeted bannering, dedicated white papers and even your own print edition 100% available. After all, what is good remains good.



 This quote from former Formula 1 champion Mario Andretti has always been one of the important slogans of Travel360° from the start. Even today, in the deepest valley of the travel industry, we believe in this slogan. That's why: all the initiatives mentioned above are firm commitments. We are sticking our necks out because we believe in the future of the sector, and in the power of communication. Those who believe in the future must communicate. We are launching new and existing tools in order to facilitate this communication even in difficult circumstances. Are we going full throttle not knowing what's behind the curve? Hell, yes!


2/09/2020 - door Travel360°